Who We Are

E4E Relief helps compassionate companies support their employees in need and build good will in their communities by administering charitable grants and managing employee relief programs.


Our vision is to create a world where philanthropy inspires a ready and compassionate response to crisis. We support our vision through our dedication to:

Disaster Readiness - Our flexible and nimble readiness plan forecasts, monitors and responds to catastrophic, large-scale events worldwide. We incorporate our learnings from each disaster, refining our processes. As a result, we are distinctly qualified given our breadth of experience and depth of our operating model.

Sustainable Program Management - E4E relief consults our clients to design and implement programs that are right for employees. Each fund is customized to unique goals of the company. Relationship Managers provide expert advice on awareness and support within the company.

Fund Management Expertise - We provide "real time" and transparent access to your fund activity. Each fund has distinct and separate fund accounting and an expertly managed fund platform.


As the leading provider of charitable employee relief funds, E4E Relief's guiding values inform the partnerships we build with our clients and the way we work with each other.

We practice openness. We are transparent with clients and with our team. We listen to new ideas, value diversity of thinking, and listen to and act on feedback from our clients.

We make fair and equitable decisions, offering care and compassion to our work. 

We value integrity. We do what we say we will do. We are trustworthy stewards of employee relief funds.

excellence is our standard.