What is rapid relief?

When disaster strikes, timing is everything.

As the numbers of record-breaking disasters across the globe rise, the need for safeguarding vulnerable employees becomes more pressing each day. The end goal of any employee relief program is to provide immediate support for those affected by an unexpected life-changing event, and the keyword here is "immediate," or what we refer to as "rapid relief."

Companies of all sizes wrestle with how to prepare for the unexpected and how to allocate the right people and resources to respond to the unknown. Many have found answers with third-party employee relief providers which can make a profound impact on the well-being of your employees and your organization as a whole.

We've seen that firsthand working with our clients. Take Rebecca Sinclair, chief people and communications officer for our client, American Tire Distributors.
As she shared with NPR Radio, "[Outsourcing employee relief] is very easy. It's online. It's digital, and they take care of all the decision-making," she said. "It's also confidential; that respects the privacy of the associate's situation. So we think that's the best way to really manage that."

Whether it's navigating a global pandemic, battling a regional disaster or supporting an employee through a personal hardship, preparation is key. Companies who invest in relief programs can testify that rapid relief is good for people, good for business and good for each other. When distressed employees feel that they are taken care of, they will be able to focus their energy and work more productively.

Here are three reasons why using a third-party provider is your best option when it comes to providing rapid relief to employees.


From IRS compliance and eligibility requirements to day-to-day operations and fund distributions, the work that goes into setting up relief programs can quickly become overwhelming. At E4E Relief, we have two decades of experience in creating Relief Programs from top to bottom and tailoring them to companies' needs. We take the complexity out of the equation, so you and your employees can focus on rebuilding together.


Let's say your team consists of project management wizards who master the complexities of setting up a relief program. The program is in place, and the policies are set. Now the question is: Is your process streamlined for the individual employees you want to serve? Do you have built in systems for employment verification or confidential data management? In-house committees can get tied up in policy voting, application approvals or simply in the act of transferring information from committee to payroll to recipient. As a third party, E4E Relief enables approved, affected individuals to receive money as quickly as 48 hours after submission. That is true rapid relief.


Our team consists of compassionate, well-trained, full-time grant specialists. From small to large disasters, E4E Relief has the unique flexibility to scale based on the need at hand. Since 2020 we have processed more than 277,000 applications and disbursed more than $200 million dollars in individual grants. Any day, any time coverage gives employees a sense of assurance that you, their employer, genuinely cares about their well-being. And it all runs like a well-oiled machine, without taking time and energy away from you or your team.

At E4E Relief, our goal is to create a positive customer and employee experience through investments in technology and processes, while always keeping compassion and empathy at the heart of what we do. If you are interested in implementing an employee relief fund program for your employees, please contact us today.