E4E Relief offers regular online informational webinars offering high-level information on our Employee Relief Funds. To register for an upcoming session, email us at contact@e4erelief.org.

Sessions take place every other Thursday.

Exclusive Client Webinars
E4E Relief also presents webinars and other educational events to support our current clients. To register, please contact Phasefanie Owens, powens@e4erelief.org.

Upcoming Events

Past Events & Speaking Engagement

Please to contact us if we can be a resource for your event, article or otherwise. Here are a few events we were glad to be a part of:

  • ACCP Partner Series: Insights on Disaster Season during COVID-19 - Learn More
  • Webinar: Building an Effective, Compassionate Employee Relief Program from From Day One - Watch Here
  • YourCause Webinar Series: Employee Relief Programs in Response to COVID-19. Click Here 
  • North Carolinas Network of Grantmakers Annual Meeting - Learn more
  • ACCP: The Corporate Citizenship Conference - Learn more
  • Foundation For The Carolinas 2020 Annual Meeting - Learn more
  • From Day One, Chicago - Julie Caldwell, VP & Director, Business & Organizational Development, led a breakout session for CSR & HR leaders around why and how to develop an employee relief fund - Learn more
  • From Day One, San Francisco - Learn more 
  • 2019 Foundation For The Carolinas Annual Meeting - Learn more
  • On January 16, 2019, E4E Relief brought together industry experts to share best practices on how businesses can plan for catastrophic disasters. Check out our Facebook video featuring a panel from the event.
  • Center for Corporate Philanthropy & Charlotte Community Affairs Professionals event on Disaster Philanthropy
  • Wake Forest University: Lunch and Learn: Investing with Impact Event - Learn More
  • Women's Impact Fund / Personal Philanthropy Planned Giving - Learn More
  • Employee Assistance Fund Summit
  • Women's Impact Fund - Personal Philanthropy Planning guide
  • 2017 Foundation For The Carolinas Annual Meeting - Learn More

When: Thursday, November 5th 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST
Description: Join E4E Relief and Canary for an exclusive Impact Survey Webinar to gain a deeper understanding of the impact that charitable employee relief fund grants have on grant recipients.

Description: Join E4E Relief CEO Holly Welch Stubbing hear about macro trends in disaster and hardship relief and how corporations engage in relief, recovery, and resilience as part of both their business continuity efforts and their efforts to ensure employee wellbeing. Through data from E4E Relief's Impact Survey, which provides insights from nearly 1,700 responses in a variety of industries, we will demonstrate how corporations contribute to the social safety net.