E4E Relief offers regular online informational webinars offering high-level information on our Employee Relief Funds. To register for an upcoming session, email us at contact@e4erelief.org.

Sessions take place every other Thursday.

Exclusive Client Webinars
E4E Relief also presents webinars and other educational events to support our current clients. To register, please contact Phasefanie Owens, powens@e4erelief.org.

Upcoming Events

Past Events & Speaking Engagements

Please contact us if we can be a resource for your event, article or otherwise. Here are a few events we were glad to be a part of:

  • ACCP Webcast: Impact of Relief Grants of Financially Fragile Employees - Watch Here
  • World at Work Expert Insights: Cultivating Employee Readiness and Resilience During Disaster and Hardship - Watch Here
  • ACCP Partner Series: Insights on Disaster Season during COVID-19 - Learn More
  • Webinar: Building an Effective, Compassionate Employee Relief Program from From Day One - Watch Here
  • YourCause Webinar Series: Employee Relief Programs in Response to COVID-19. Click Here 
  • North Carolinas Network of Grantmakers Annual Meeting - Learn more
  • ACCP: The Corporate Citizenship Conference - Learn more
  • Foundation For The Carolinas 2020 Annual Meeting - Learn more
  • From Day One, Chicago - Julie Caldwell, VP & Director, Business & Organizational Development, led a breakout session for CSR & HR leaders around why and how to develop an employee relief fund - Learn more
  • From Day One, San Francisco - Learn more 
  • 2019 Foundation For The Carolinas Annual Meeting - Learn more
  • On January 16, 2019, E4E Relief brought together industry experts to share best practices on how businesses can plan for catastrophic disasters. Check out our Facebook video featuring a panel from the event.
  • Center for Corporate Philanthropy & Charlotte Community Affairs Professionals event on Disaster Philanthropy
  • Wake Forest University: Lunch and Learn: Investing with Impact Event - Learn More
  • Women's Impact Fund / Personal Philanthropy Planned Giving - Learn More
  • Employee Assistance Fund Summit
  • Women's Impact Fund - Personal Philanthropy Planning guide
  • 2017 Foundation For The Carolinas Annual Meeting - Learn More