Employee Impact

E4E Relief is honored to help tens of thousands of individuals move forward from disasters and personal hardships. We are grateful to hear from applicants when employee relief funds make a positive difference in their lives. Below are we have received from employees who have been assisted by, or who have donated to their company's Employee Relief Fund.

For people like me who are enduring one hardship or another, you are more than heroes and heroines...YOU ARE MIRACLE WORKERS!

- Sean P.

Words cannot truly express my gratitude. Thank you for your assistance during this rough time, it has meant so much to my family.

- Amy L.

I will never be able to convey how grateful and thankful I am to you for providing for me when I thought all hope was gone. Thank you!

- Babbs M.

My husband and I are so very, very grateful for the assistance you provided. You have no idea how much of a break it gave us and we are so appreciative. Thank you for your work, and for the generosity of all involved in blessing us.

- Courtney A.