Employees around the world want to be able to respond and have impact when they see a disaster strike or learn of a colleague's hardship. Through tax-deductible donations to an employee relief fund, employees can contribute and support each other directly, while nurturing a deeper sense of community and camaraderie, whether they are across the desk or across the globe.

In many cases, organizations launch an employee relief program with an initial donation, and then grow the fund through peer-to-peer fundraising - meaning employees and leaders of an organization donate funds to help their fellow colleagues who have fallen on difficult, unexpected times.

For those looking to donate, there are many ways to participate in giving to your organization's program. Some popular ways are:

  • Company matching incentives year-round or during major events (e.g., natural disasters)
  • Contributions to individual disaster campaigns
  • A percentage or flat amount donated from each paycheck through tax-deductible payroll deduction
  • Convert unused paid time-off (PTO) into dollars that can be used as a contribution to your employee relief program
  • Cash donations are only one way of funding your employee relief program. We can help you convert a wide range of liquid and illiquid assets to power your relief efforts. Our parent organization, Foundation For The Carolinas, has extensive experience working with corporate and individual donors to make an impact through gifts of private business interests.


As employee relief programs gain popularity, more and more donors are eager to share their stories to inspire others. Our #WhyIGive series celebrates all of our donors who are proud to be a part of organizations that care beyond the 9 to 5.

Collective Impact

For those impacted, they will never forget how their company and their colleagues supported them in their time of need. For those giving, they feel a sense of pride that their dollars created positive change among their colleagues and friends. And for the company at large, research shows employee satisfaction and productivity levels increase when organizations serve as the conduit to positive impact and meaningful change.

Donations change lives for the better. In 2020 alone, we:

  • Received $214 million in donations
  • Serviced more than 100 countries around the globe
  • Disbursed over $103 million

Because of these donations, the top expenses covered were:

  • Mortgage/Rent payments
  • Home repair damages
  • Funeral costs