Dana Bradford

Senior Program Coordinator

As E4E Relief continues to grow and positively impact our clients and their employees, Dana is our operational backbone. Dana is not your average Senior Program Coordinator, and it's not just because she collects porcelain unicorns (100 in total so far) and dabbles in creative writing (her debut novel is coming soon!). Planning, documenting and tracking key milestones is second nature to this certified Project Management Professional.

In her current role, she supports the CEO and the leadership team through project management and coordination, and administrative and organizational support. She ensures our internal operations run smoothly through scheduling, planning and execution. It should therefore come as no surprise that Dana's superpower is her organizational and strategic planning ability. When not managing the other requirements of our fast-paced work, Dana also serves as our resident super hero (Marvel and DC) movie expert.

Words to live by

"Rise up in the morning with hope in your soul, joy in your heart, and faith in the possible." -Dana Bradford

The best part of the job

"The opportunities to grow and learn."