All over the world companies are asking their employees to work from home, work less hours or unfortunately not work at all. In a time when much of the global workforce decentralizes, disbands and becomes isolated, it's more important than ever that companies try and maintain a sense of togetherness. Offering employees affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic a vital support system can truly be life-changing.

That's what E4E Relief offers. For nearly two decades, we have been dedicated to providing charitable grants on behalf of compassionate companies that wish to support their employees facing global or regional disaster and personal hardships through our employee relief programs.

E4E Relief's COVID-19 response offers a simplified, streamlined solution to supporting employees impacted by the pandemic, providing charitable grants for life necessities. Relief may be offered for the following needs that have occurred as a result of COVID-19:

Basic Needs (ex: food, alternative childcare)
- $500 grant maximum recommended based on company funding.

Critical Needs (ex: housing, utilities, medical/funeral expenses)
- $1000 - $1500 grant maximum recommended based on company funding

COVID-19 Response Program Design

E4E Relief has developed a COVID-19 response program that enables companies to launch a sustainable solution taking into consideration:

- Your company's funding sources (company seed funding along with donations from employees and others) for grant making and program administration.


We know that many are struggling due to widespread global financial implications. Many individuals are also looking for ways they can participate in relief and have direct impact on behalf of their colleagues. Our employee relief programs include donation portals to receive individual contributions.

Considerations When Creating Employee Relief

Have you identified potential funding sources for your relief program?

Do you have leadership buy in for this program?

Are you aware of any potential roadblocks to launching the program?
(i.e., sourcing, contracting, etc).

Do you have a time frame in which you are looking to communicate and launch your program?

Are you providing pay for your employees if they are unable to work related to COVID-19?

If you're ready to support your employees through the current crisis and future disasters, please call us (866) 906-1343 or email

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E4E Relief stands ready to support your employees experiencing hardship due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Coronavirus Pandemic


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