Angel Wall

Program Delivery Manager

For our clients residing and/or employed outside the United States, Angel is a sounding board and trusted advisor. She is an expert communicator, thanks in part to her degree in human services from Queens University. As a Grant Specialist turned Program Delivery Manager, Angel has detailed knowledge of the policies, procedures and methodology needed to effectively process relief applications.

Angel and her team closely monitor payment deliveries to swiftly tackle client inquiries and make certain that, when disaster strikes, our international clients and their employees are in good hands.

As a lover of all things theater and trivia, Angel enjoys that each day on the job brings new information, situations and solutions. Her affable style and strong command of our policies and procedures keep her on her toes - but she wouldn't have it any other way!

The best part of the job

"Watching members of my team grow within their own roles while exploring and cultivating their individual strengths brings me joy and excitement."

Words to live by

"Decide what to be and go be it." - The Avett Brothers