Our Story

The year was 2001. On September 11th, tragedy struck our nation and sent shockwaves around the world. Shortly after, then-CEO of Wachovia, now Wells Fargo, reached out to E4E Relief's parent organization-Foundation For The Carolinas. He wanted to find a way to help employees make charitable donations to support their fellow colleagues and their families during that critical time of crisis.

As a result, the very first Employee Relief Fund was established, leading the way for compassionate companies to support their employees in times of need.

Nearly two decades later, E4E Relief continues to partner with Wells Fargo and a broad range of other organizations across multiple industries such as Duke Energy, Conagra, Salesforce, Five Guys and many others to keep providing financial relief to employees during life's most trying and unforeseen circumstances.

Today, E4E Relief remains a proud wholly owned subsidiary of the Foundation For The Carolinas, one of the largest community foundations in the United States. As a nonprofit social enterprise, we're laser focused on disaster and personal hardship relief efforts.

We remain deeply committed to empowering global companies and employees to provide, and receive, meaningful relief when it's needed most, creating a strong sense of community.